The Benefits of Choosing Contact Lenses

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Eyeglasses are trendy, and many people choose them as their form of a corrective lens because of the stylish options available. Some consumers wear eyeglasses because they think it is a safer alternative. There is a mistaken belief that contacts are less hygienic or risky to the wearer. There is no reason for anyone to avoid contacts for this reason. Basic hygienic practices and annual eyecare visits eliminate the risks.

Vision is Better

Contact lens wearers have the benefit of corrected peripheral vision. Forward vision is corrected with glasses, but the side view is left untreated and remains blurred. Most people learn to manage comfortably, but some fmay feel more comfortable with entirely clear vision.

Children and teens may have their natural vision improved by wearing contacts. Some medical studies have revealed this to be the case for people that wear contacts during their youth. More research is needed to verify the studies, but parents should discuss the option with an eye care professional.

Sports are Easier

Athletes often prefer contacts because there is no concern of shattered glass if they are struck while participating in their sport. The expense for parents can also be a determiner if their young athlete is repeatedly breaking their glasses during a match. Gear like helmets or goggles may not fit comfortably over eyeglasses, and the improvement in peripheral vision, as mentioned above, is very important in many sports.

Safer Than Glasses

Contact lenses do not fog up when going from a cold environment to a warm one. There is an increased tripping hazard when glasses become foggy. Sunglasses are another consideration as they are less convenient for eyeglass wearers but just as important. Prescription sunglasses are expensive and require people to swap between the two pairs repeatedly as the light changes. Contact lens wearers can buy their sunglasses anywhere and do not need to juggle multiple sets of glasses.

Ease of Purchase

Broken eyeglasses or new prescriptions usually force people to go to an eye care center, try on frames, and have their pupil measurements taken for a proper fit. They must then endure poor vision as they wait for their order. This is a common activity every time the lenses or the frames break. Contact lenses are ordered by prescription, and that can be done over the phone with the doctor’s office. It is even possible to order Contact Lenses Online. People can determine how long their lenses will last and have extras on hand for very little expense. They never have to wait to see clearly.

There is no reason for someone that loves eyeglasses to ever switch if that is what they prefer. However, anyone that dislikes their glasses should not have any concern about changing to contacts. Many people keep both on hand so they have the perfect option for every situation.

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